Posted by: Patrick | February 27, 2010

Taxi practice – 02/27/2010

It’s my First day of the flight training, AT-112 from Glendale College. I already took my AT-120 ground school and passed FAA written exam for Private Pilot test on Dec 31, 2009 with %93 passing score.

I’m very excited that finally I’m able to start the flight training, as a matter of fact on the registration day, I pulled a bad lottery number that it put me only on waiting list. That was a bummer…… even just 2 weeks before the starting of classes (Feb 16, 2010) Mr Potter contacted and told me that the classes were full. So I was hopeless and nothing to do but wait for next semester.

It was one week after official start date of the classes that I got a call from Mr. Potter, asking me if I want to start flight training, because one of the registered students couldn’t continue with his class, immediately I agreed and the next day I showed up in GCC to register with him and pay the fees.

So, here I am starting my flight training that I was waiting a long time.

I showed up at KWHP GCC hanger were already my CFI, Mr. Petrosy was opening the hanger gates. I called him the day before and introduced myself and got instructions about the class. At AT-112 class, we fly with a partner student. I think it’s very helpful, because we got the chance to review the procedures twice, watching your partner doing the task and reviewing it in your mind it very useful.
As first task we went over the pre-flight check procedure for Cessna 172.

Today was raining, we were grounded and noting else but to practice taxing. It’s harder than it seems, it requires foot coordination and training my brain to have more control on left and right rudders. I learned left and right rudder turns and 180 turns using rudder and breaks.

Flight Time : 0.7 h



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