Posted by: Patrick | March 5, 2010

Flight 03/05/2010

I showed up today to make up the first missing session.
I received the briefing on what we are going to do for the day and then get in the airplane.
After pre-flight inspection, we start e engine and taxi to run-up area, CFI communicated with KWHP ground and tower, we got clearance to take off. It was a clear day and everything was perfect.

Holding the throttle and pushing it all the way in to speed up, we became airborne. On 2000 ft we made a left turn on departure leg and another left turn to 300, lined up with runway on downwind , heading toward practice area.

We went over the Santa Clarita and Simi Valley practice area and started our practice. We practiced 4 basic flight maneuvers. Left and right turns, descending and ascending. We also practiced the turns on ascend and descend.

Flight time : 1.3 h



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