Posted by: Patrick | March 13, 2010

Flight 03/13/2010

Today was a beautiful day to fly.
Here is METAR info for March 13, 2010 “KWHP 131447Z 16004KT 25SM BKN300 27/”

In the morning I had to go to have my medical exam done. After all I have only one time to take advantage of FAA regulation for medical checkup which will keep my medical valid for next 5 years.

Dr Peter Culotta reviewed my condition and issued 2-nd class medical, but it will turn into 3-rd class after oone year and will stay valid for next 5 years.

Then I arrived to GCC hanger and hanged out and reviewed the study material till flight time. My Partner showed up at 10:30 as scheduled before. We pre-flight 733AM and ready to take off. He flew the first leg to KOXR. I was second.

We practiced S turns, rectangular turns and turn around a point.
Requirements :
1- 600-1000 AGL
2- 90 knts entry speed
3- downwind entry
4- find emergency landing field before starting practice
5- +100, -100 ft altitude tolerance
6- +10, -10 knts speed torenance
7- +10, -10 degree headign tolerance

Approach and Landing on KOXR:

4120 ft runway lenght
75 ft runway width
132.1 ATIS

Flight Time : 1.4 h


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