Posted by: Patrick | March 20, 2010

Flight 03/20/2010 – Slow Flight, Stall, Steep Turn

I start my flight at 8:00 AM today.
During the pre-flight of N733AM, I forgot to check the fuel tanks !! should be more careful next time.

METAR info for March 20, 2010 “KWHP 201600Z 15004KT 20SM OVC300 27/”

Today we covered the following monouvers:

  • Steep turn
  • Stalls
    1. Departure Stalls – power-on stalls
    2. Arrival Stalls -power-off stalls or reduced power stalls
    3. Accelerated Stalls
  • Slow Flight
  • Slip Sliding

Usefule links:
Stall/Spin Awareness

Flight Time : 1.3



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