Posted by: Patrick | April 10, 2010

Flight 4/10/2010 – TOAL

I start my flight at 10:30 by checking on N738TJ, the plane was flown in the morning and we didn’t pre-flight it.
I checked the fuel and oil level and after making sure we will be good for 1 h flight, we crank it on and headed to runway 12 for another set of take off and landing practices.

The first take off was perfect. I paid more attention on rudder and controlling the airplane when rolling, and it was good. the all next 7 take offs was getting easier. I still need work with right rudder and keeping the plane in centerline, but eventually, I took off by myself.

Take off speeds :
-40 knts airspeed live – pull back 3 dgrees
-55 knts pull back another to 6 degrees, when airborn then lower back to 3 degrees and continue standard climb with 76 knts (Vy)

Landings are different story, controlling the sink rate with throttle and airspeed with the pitch is the challenge that I need to master. Gusts on final are another factor. Flare and touch down, rolling and breaks and then pull the elevator all the way back to slow down and exit the runway, all are happening very fast, I hope more practice will teach me how to turn my landing a perfect one.

Possible tower instruction on downwind runway 12
-clear to land
-follow traffic (not clear to land)
-right 360 (2 min standard rate)
-extend down wind
-#3 clear to land

Download Pattern flying chart here.

on my GPS tracks, I had a left 360 request, which was turend to be an extended downwind and then cleared to land, also we had follow traffic, and #3 clear to land follow the traffic.

-KWHP 101647Z 16005KT 7SM OVC 030 13/

Flight GPS track log :

Flight Time : 1.6 h
Landings: 8



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