Posted by: Patrick | May 7, 2010

Emergency Procedures for Cessna 172 N

Emergency Procedures for Cessna 172 N

1. Aviate = Fly the airplane best glide speed : 65
2. Navigate = Fly the airplane to safe landing Area
3. Communicate = Communicate with ATC or Any use Frequency
4. Flow Check = Trouble shoot the problem
• Fuel selector Both
• Mixture Rich
• Throttle Full forward
• Carb heat On
• Magneto Both
• Master Switch ON
• Primer Locked
At This Point No successes starting the Engine
5. Ditching Procedure = preparing to ditch the airplane
• Fuel Selector Off
• Mixture Idle Cut Off
• Throttle Off
• Magneto Off
• Master On ( to Use Flaps and Radio to last Min before touch down ) Off
• Door Jar ( unlock the door to prevent door jammed on Crash landing)
• Seat belt secured.
Task complete


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