Posted by: Patrick | May 8, 2010

Flight 5/8/2010 – TOLA, Emergency Procedures

Today I start by pre-flight N738TJ. For some reason I like this airplane better than out other training plan. After completing the pre-flight, we find out that we can’t stay in KWHP pattern today due to Challenge Air Event (
We decided to go to KVNY (van nuys) airport and practice out there. It was a very nice flying day, after right downwind departure we headed to VNY. I checked the runways and tower frequencies and announced our intention for left pattern options.
I must say that I really like VNY, it’s more open and wide area, compared to WHP, the tower is really friendly and I had a great time during my almost 15 landings and touch and goes. We also practiced Emergency Procedures, Engine off landings.
My landings are getting better, I still need to work on keeping the plane 3 feet above the ground and final flare.

Weather Information :
METAR – KWHP 081447Z 00000KT 25SM SKC 19/
TAF – KBUR 081140Z 0812/0912
FM082100 17008KT P6SM SKC
FM090300 13006KT P6SM SKC
FM091100 VRB03KT 6SM HZ FEW012

Flight Time : 1.5 hours
Landings : 15


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