Posted by: Patrick | May 24, 2010

Flight 5/22/2101, TOLA, pre-solo exam

Today we have to give our pre-solo written exam. This is required by FAA (Section 61.87 of the Federal Aviation Regulations) and every student pilot should pass it before getting solo in the airplane.

After arriving to KWHP, I pre-flight N733AM and get ready for TOLA. We had minor Santa Anna wind condition in airport, which changed our pattern to right on runway 30. This was a good opportunity to practice on right hand pattern and in crosswind condition.

Take offs :
-use ailerons and rudder more in coordination to overcome the crosswind
-watch 76 knts
-maintain 7 degree climb angle.

During landing :
-don’t rush on landing
-keep flying 3 feet above ground, till slowdown and touch down
-level off just above the runway and hold level and center

I will need to solo in 2-3 weeks, I have certain level of confident now. need to work on the final approach and landing.

it was a fun fly day, I liked the crosswind and challenges it had. At tend I gave my pre-solo flight written exam too. My medical is done, exams are done and ready for weather to cooperate for solo ! Dreams come true……………………..

Weather Info:
KWHP 220147Z 13010G17KT 20SM SKC 20/ (12 Hours, 41 Minutes ago)
KBUR 221353Z 00000KT 10SM CLR 12/07 A2990 (38 Minutes ago)

Flight GPS track:

Flight Time: 1.2 h
Landings: 6


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