Posted by: Patrick | May 31, 2010

Flight 5/31/2010 – TOLA

I start today at 9:00 AM by pre-flight N738TJ
Weather was great and wind condition calm. We stayed at left closed traffic to practice more take offs and landings. I still need to work on my landings (I think this will neven end, even experienced pilots are still working on pattern sometimes)

The problem with landings start when I level off early, like 20 feet above ground, instead of 3 feet. My CFI is asking me to fly level and 3 feet above runway, then if landing is needed, gradually pull back and cut the throttle, if go around is needed, then full power, carb hit off, flaps 10 and go around.

I can’t get a clear understanding when I’m 3 feet above runway, my visual references are not helping me to find this out. I need to find a practicle way to over come this problem.

During the final or base, if gust is pussing up, then use pull throttle to keep the sinck rate same, if gust pulling down, add throttle to hold level and then adjust it again.

During the level off, add power and push forward to eliminate the slowdown, neven let the pitch go up. hold it level and center.

Weather Info:
METAR- KWHP 311447Z 00000KT 3SM HZ BKN010 17/

Glight GPS Log:

Flight Time: 1.4 h
Landings: 9


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