Posted by: Patrick | June 4, 2010

First Solo – 6/4/2010

I did my first solo today, June 6th, 2010. I’m very excited and happy.

I start the day with pre-flighting N733AM at 8:30, the weather was just fine and perfect.
We get in the plane and took-off for left closed traffic. My CFI told me that he is going to just watch me today and let me to do everything. As this point I had no idea that he was thinking about soloing me today. We turned base and final and had a good approach, the landing final level off was not good and we had to add power at last second to fix the ballooning. We went for second round, this time the landing was better, safe but not clean. Third landing went better and when we were taxing back to take off, he pulled the plane to run-up area. This was the time and I knew he made his mind to solo me today. After signing my Log book and medical certificate, he was out of the plane.

I was alone, facing the moment which I was waiting for it such a long time…….

“Whitman tower, Cessna 733 alpha mike, holding short runway 1-2, request for left closed traffic, student pilot first time solo”
“Cessna 3 alpha mike, hold short”

actually I was more relax than I though I will be during solo. checked one more time my instruments and was ready.

“Cessna 3 alpha mike, runway 1-2 clear to take off”
“runway 1-2 clear to take off, 3alpha mike”

I checked, lights , camera, action, rolled into the runway and after lining up myself to center line, pushed throttle full….40 – airspeed live….. 60 pull back…. and I was airborne. Incredible feeling, one of those moments that I think I will always will remember.

The plane was lighter, so I got to 2000 ft AGL sooner that I used to have before. I leveled off and did my GUMPS check.

“Whitman tower, Cessna 733 alpha mike, left downwind, runway 1-2”
“Cessna 3 alpha mike, continue your downwind, I will call your base”

Ok, this was not expected. I was prepared to do the carb hit, 1500 and flaps, but now I’m waiting, extending my downwind for at least 2 miles.

“Cessna 3 alpha mike, make your downwind turn, runway 1-2 clear to land”
“runway 1-2 clear to land, 3 alpha mike”

I made my left turn, carb hit on, 1500, white arc and 10 flaps. left turn and lined up with runway. it was hazy day, not very clear vision of runway, but looking to 4 stacks I was able to line up myself with runway, 20 flaps.

“watch your altitude to be 1500 on 118″ this was my CFI on 12343.45 guiding me.
on 118 I was at 1500 and right on vasi. I was a bit fast, like 70, so I pulled back a bit to slow down to 65 and then back again on 3 degree down angle. I was on track, as expecting. 30 degree flaps and ready to land. Passed over the fence and level up, plane start sinking and the next thing I know I was touched down, I’m sure it was not pretty, but I was safe and made my first landing. Continued on rolling and slowing down, pulled back and gentle breaks. I rolled out the runway and stopped to clean up.

I was done. First solo was complete.
” 0.3 hours flight time and 1 landing ”

I rolled into the run-up area and CFI comes back to plane. He congratulates and that was it…..

Here is my flight GPS log, the long extended downwind was my solo flight.

METAR: KWHP 041447Z 13008KT 5SM HZ SKC 28/
Flight Time: 1.2 h
Landings: 6

Solo Time: 0.3
Solo Landings: 1



  1. Congrats on your first solo. That is so exciting. You will love it when you take your first solo cross-country. It was one of the highlights of my training. Second only to passing my checkride.

    • Thank you Jeanne,
      I know I have long way to go, but evey step toward the big goal is exciting.

  2. Congratulations! Keep us informed! I found this from your comment on SkyVector.

    I am studying using the Cessna training materials, did one intro flight, flying a Cessna 182. But I have not started my flight class yet. Looking forward to it.


    • Thank you, I will keep posting my progress.
      Good luck with your training.

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