Posted by: Patrick | August 16, 2010

Back to flight – 8/14/2010

After over 2 months of no fly, I was back in KWHP in the morning around 8:30; wind was calm, visibility 10SM. After some nice talk with my CFI at hanger, I pre-flight N738TJ. There were some modifications done into the airplane. There is a new compass installed and new ammeter. I also noticed some new dents on vertical stabilizer too!
The main reason of today’s flight was to investigate an existing problem on airplane so the technicians can observe it issue while is re-generated during the flight.

We pulled out the plane, hoped inside and set up new Boss headsets (really nice ones) that college bought for training. I grabbed the check list and start going over it. I’m getting more and more a believer in check lists and making a habit to use them every time. After contacting WHP ground, moved to run-up are and went through the check list on run-up again. We were ready to roll out.

After getting take off clearances for left pattern work, I smoothly roll into runway 12 and gradually add power, airspeed become live and couple of more seconds later I was in the air again. Incredible feeling, I’m back in the sky and back to my training. The procedure was obvious, hold the pitch for 76 knots and climb to 1000 AGL. The landing approach was fine and I leveled off properly, the transition to flair was fast and we had a safe landing. The second landing I was able to do much better and have a clear landing. I need to work harder on my skills, next semester is going to be fast and I need to be ready for it. I’m planning to prepare for my check ride right after it. Let’s see, how I will progress and where will I stand by end of the next semester.

GPS Track of flight :

Flight Time: 0.6 h
Landings: 2



  1. great story on your solo….i am 35 hrs not soloed yet but looking forward to it

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