Posted by: Patrick | September 5, 2010

Flight – 9/5/2010

After a long summer I’m back to my flight training again.
I’m flying with a new CFI, Mr. Don Woods. I’m sure there are many things I’ll learn from him. It’s a bit work for me to get used to his style in the begining, it’s a bit different from my old CFI. Every one has a differenet approach on teaching skills.

For the first session, we took of from WHP and headed to practice area. We did many of the stalla and slow flights manouvers. I feel more confident being there, need to work on fine tuning the skills.

Getting back to WHP, we practiced my landings, 3 of them in total for the day. Need work on that too, since on 4 weeks we are going to be solo again and fly in pattern and even go to practice area.

Looking forward for the semester to learn more and ge tready for final checkride.

GPS Track of flight :

Weather info :
Burbank, California METAR Data
KBUR 051353Z 00000KT 10SM CLR 18/13 A2980

Total Time : 1.2
Landings : 3


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