Posted by: Patrick | September 12, 2010

Flight – 9/12/2010

Fanatic day to fly.

I start the day by checking DUATS, all seems to be fine, no winds in the morning, even though there was going to be in the afternoon, but since I Was flying int h morning nothing major to worry about. We were supposed to stay in pattern and practice cross wind landings. After arriving to the airport, we find out that my other friend student is not coming in for the day, so I was going to be alone and practicing by myself. My CFI suggest that we fly to KWJF for practice. We checked the sectional chart, terminal charts and get ready to go. I learned that the chart for KWJF that I had in my file, was old and interestingly the ATIS frequency was not correct !!! (always keep the updated chart with you ).

We did the pre-flight and found out couple of issues, landing light not functional, but since we are day light flight, so we could pursue the flight. We marked the landing light switch as inoperative and puled N733AM out of GCC hanger.

After left downwind departure procedure we headed to Newhall pass and climb to 6500 heading 360.
We practiced slow flight, stalls, side slip, steep turns. I need to work on precision of maneuvers more accurately, still way to master each of them. After flying for an hour we headed to KWJF. We did regular landings, soft field and short field landings. On the way back we climb to 7500 and return to KWHP.

Flight GPS track :

Flight Time : 2.2 hr
Landings : 7 (1 KWHP , 6 KWJF)


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