Posted by: Patrick | August 31, 2011

Cross Country Flight – Montrose CO to KWHP – Aug 28,29 2011

What a flight !!
We crossed 5 states, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California with 2 fuel stops which took 6.8 hours of flight in Cessna 172 3AM.

Flight Route
KMTJ – KPGA : 2.5 hrs
KPGA – KBVU : 1.9 hrs
KBVU – KWHP : 2.4 hrs

Landings : 3
Flight time : 6.8 hrs



  1. This sounds like an incredible flight, Patrick. What was the stimulus for it? Sounds like maybe you were picking up an airplane… Did you fly through Monument Valley?

  2. We went to Montrose Colorado to pick up an airplane which was there for engine overhaul. the flight was incredible and I learned a lot more about cross country flying since it was a real cross country. We flew for almost 7 hours and 2 stops for refueling and overnight stay. We flew over Monument Valley on en-route to KPGA. Unfortunately my camera broke during the flight and I don’t have any pictures. (didn’t have any backup camera either ! )

  3. Fantastic, Patrick! Don’t you agree that there’s something groundbreaking about making a long journey like that, especially over such beautiful country? Long cross-countries always make me feel like a “real” pilot!

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