Posted by: Patrick | March 4, 2012

Checked out with Vista at KWHP

Today I flew N326LP at Vista air at WHP with CFI to complete check out process and being able to rent out from them. We took off at 5:00 PM and flew direct to KSMO over KBUR. The weather was fantastic today. The past 2-3 days the high pressure system was moved into the area and cause high winds, but today all was good, winds 5 knots!

Arriving to KSMO was very interesting, first we have to make a right 360 just to be able to talk to tower. Then the ATC send us over UCLA and we have to wait there and circle two 360’s until we get clearness to land on 21. We made a short landing and taxi back to 21. Again we have to wait for all arrivals and 7 departures before us. By the time we took off, sun was behind the few clouds in the hirizon over the pacific ocean, glowing the gold color over the pacific and turning the sky into orange. That we are flying for…. isn’t it?

Here is the GPS track of the flight.

Flight duration : 1.1
Number of landings : 2
Flight Time : 5:00 PM


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