Posted by: Patrick | September 3, 2012

Family Flight KVNY-KCMA – 9/3/2012

Our Family

Today for the first time we flew all out family together. Our 4 years old was the first time being in the plane and we were not sure how is he going to behave.
We got the the airport and all of us walked to the aircraft, we were going to fly N21705, a 172SP.
After I did all the per-flight and fueling the plan, we were ready to board the plane.
My 4 years old asked me “Dad, are you scared when you go up in the air ?”. I answered “No, it’s fun to fly !”, that was it and he get aboard. He put his sound canceling headset and start looking around the airport and having fun. I’m glad that his experience is a good one. After we return he was asking me that when are we going to fly again, he was very happy and excited. On the other hand, my wife was her second time in the plane. During the take off, we had a bit turbulence and she was not the happiest passenger in the back (4 years old was I guess !!) but after getting to 4500 and heading to the west, it was smooth and we enjoyed the rest of the flight. Over the CMA, it was very busy and we had to fly over the run way and extend downwind and then make out landing. The lunch at Waypoint Cafe was very good and all of us enjoyed it. That a place to return.
The way back to home was quick and fast, the air was smooth and landing in VNY was nice.
I’m happy to be able to get the entire family into the flying trip. We can start planning for longer trips, overnight stay and having more fun with the family flight.

Here are some of the pictures.

The entire flight album is here:



Number of Landings : 2
Flight duration : 1.4 hrs
Take off time : 2:00 PM


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