Posted by: Patrick | December 28, 2012

LA Tour – 12/28/2012

Today we flew N828SP, weather was fantastic, unlimited visibility and almost no clouds in the sky. I took my son, my friend and his son with us for a LA tour flight. We took off from KWHP, heading south, going by the Hollywood sign, and flying over LA Downtown. Then we headed to the Santa Monica. After landing in KSMO we rest in the restaurant and headed back to KWHP.

During the flights I request flight flowing and squawk code. This proved to be very helpful and saved us from a potential accident. After turning downwind and heading to east, SMO tower warned me an airplane in collision course. I immediately diverted to 180 and climb as possible. After 2 minutes I was cleared back to my course again. It looked like that another VFR plane was in the area and not in touch with ATC, since. I was talking to them and was monitored by the radar they were able to reroute me and prevent from a potential accident. The plane was below me and I was not able to spot it even after clearing the area. Lesson is that being in touch with ATC is a great idea. I think everybody should use it.

After this incident we headed back north and over KBUR airspace and headed to KWHP. I was cleared to land on 12 on right downwind. I was set on final and number 2 cleared to land. When I was on my short final, I noticed that the other plane that just landed is not cleared of the runway and seems to be half way clear of the runway. I immediately initiate a go around, and just 3 seconds later tower asked me to go around. The airplane was disabled and they had to call for assistance to tow the plane out of the runway. I end up extending the downwind and then cleared to land. This is very interesting because just two weeks ago I practice go around just by myself, and here I was forced to do it and I was very comfortable with it. It’s always good idea to practice basic maneuvers, you never know when you are going to be in a situation that have to exercise those.

Take off time: 11:00 AM
Flight duration: 1.2 hrs
Landings: 2

Here is the GPS track coming back from KSMO to KWHP


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