Posted by: Patrick | February 9, 2013

Big Bear – 02/09/2013

Today we flew N98326 to Big Bear Airport (L35) from KEMT with some of the AACIT members. It was a fanatics flight and I learned a lot during this flight. On they way to L35 weather was building and clouds bottom was about 5500. There was no way to get out on top to the east. Our CFI suggested to fly around and climb on top of they clouds and then head to Big Bear. It took almost 30 minutes to climb 8500 and then we start heading to L35. The snow was fresh from yesterday, almost 13″ in mountains. It was beautiful to fly over the clouds and see frost on the trees.

After getting there we had lunch at the airport restaurant. Then we did three TOLA to complete the check out process for club to big bear and high elevation airports. We headed back home around 4:30 PM and as soon as we left the Big Bear area we saw entire empire inland covered with clouds. We’ve decided to go IFR and descend through the clouds. This was my first real IMC flight in the clouds. I was concentrated and focused to do my best as I can. We re-directed couple of times by ATC over ONT airport and then took KEMT VOR A approach. Here you go, my first IFR approach was done. Of course CFI help with the the radio too.

Flight Take off time: 13:00
Flight Duration: 1.2 hrs KEMT to L35 – 1.0 hr L35 to KEMT
Landings: 4

Here are the GPS tracks of the flight.
KEMT to L35

L35 to KEMT

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