Posted by: Patrick | March 10, 2013

3/10/2013 – Flight to Palm Springs changed to Cammarillo

Today we flew N19760 from KEMT. The plan was to go to KUDD in palm spring. After climbing to 7500, in the middle of the route, close to Riverside, I experienced very strong downdraft, loosing 1500 in couple of minutes. I headed back and request to climb to 9500 and then headed to west again, but there was no help, again very string downdraft pushed us down and we couldn’t get climb and maintain flight level. I decided to cancel the flight to KUDD and returned to KEMT. On the way back, since I was with my friends, we decided to go to KCMA for lunch. It was nice and smooth flight toward west. We headed to KCMA and landed there. The lunch was nice and we enjoyed it under the perfect sun and beautiful weather. We headed back to KEMT and landed safe.

I choose to abort the flight to KUDD, because I felt it was not safe to fly in those conditions with two passengers.

Take off time: 10:00 AM
Flight time: 2.7 hrs
Landings: 2


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