Posted by: Patrick | July 17, 2013

Flying to work – 7/17/2013

Today I decided to fly to work in Santa Monica. I have my friends who we usually carpool with. So today we Airpool and get to the work 🙂

We took off from KEMT around 7:00 AM and get to the KSMO in less than 15 minutes. The weather was perfect, clear skies and almost no winds. It was priceless to see the traffic on 10 freeway which we are stuck in everyday driving to work !

On the way back, I choose to go south, through the LAX Mini route, then go over the coast line, cross the Long Beach and come back to El Monte. It was very nice flight, thanks to one of our club instructors who documented the LA Tour in his blog, I made myself familiarized with the route and all events around it ahead if time.

Flight GPS Tracks


Here are some pictures of the flight.

Flight Time: 1.3 hrs
Landings: 2
Take Off from El Monte: 7:00 AM
Take Off from Santa Monica: 3:30 PM


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