Posted by: Patrick | August 4, 2013

Flying with my son – 8/4/2013

Today I took my younger son and flew together locally. This was his first time seating in front and he was very excited about the entire thing. He was keep asking me about the holding the yoke, moving it during the flight. I pref-light the plane and ready to go. The initial plan was to go to KHHR, but just before the flight I found out that the clouds are already covering the coast and we can’t go there. So there was a change of plan and we decided to go the east where clouds where not there yet.
I taxied N98326 to Runway 19 and this was when My son get more exited and asked if he can “fly” it when we were moving. After run-up we took up on left cross wind and headed to KPOC.

As soon as I took-off he looked at me and said “Dad, I’m afraid, can we go down?” I noticed that he sees outside while sitting on a booster chair and that’s why he is realizing more that before. I comfort him by saying everything is OK and we are flying just fine. Then I asked him to hold the yoke and this was when he get exited and starts enjoying it more. He did left and right turns and then it was time to land. He was curious to see the airport and the runway we were going to land. We landed at KPOC and taxi back for take off at 26R. After taking off we climbed to 2500, the visibility was not good and sun was directly on our eyes. I did and positive control exchange with my son “Your plane” – “My plane” and he starts flying the plane again. I took off my hands this time and as soon as he say that he was so exited to see that the was flying all by himself. He was telling everyone later that “I was flying the plan all by myself, my dad was not !”. Then I noticed that he is trying to turn more to the left and I asked him what are you trying to do, this is when it gets more interesting when he said “I want to flip the plane!”. I couldn’t hold my laugh and told him that we can do it another day !!!

I enjoyed very much flying today and this was a great experience for both of us. I hope we get the chance to explore more blue sky together in the near future.

Here are some the pictures from today:

Flight time: 5:45 PM
Flight duration: 0.6 hrs


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