Posted by: Patrick | August 11, 2013

Landing in Two more new airports in CA – 8/11/2013

Today I flew into HHR and CPM, two new airports in SoCal which I didn’t land there before. I took off with N89084 a C152 that we just washed and polished it yesterday in AACIT club washday event.
The weather was fine, a little bumpy. First I headed to HHR. Clouds where already moving in when I arrived HHR. On my departure to west on left downwind runway 25, as soon as I reach 600 ft AGL, I could see the clouds so close that I have to maneuver to go below those. After departing HHR, just 5 miles to the east is the CPM with two runways. I landed on 25L and I have to tell that the runway is not in a good shape, it’s full of bumps. Then I took off 25L and headed back east for EMT. On the way back I saw two banner towing planes (pictures below).

Here is the flight pictures

Here is the flight GPS track.

Take off time: 5:30 PM
Landings: 3
Flight duration: 1 hr


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