Posted by: Patrick | November 17, 2013

VFR Flight – landing on 3 new airport – 11/17/2013

Today I flew N89084 from KEMT and headed to F70. There were moderate turbulence across the flight to French Valley, scattered clouds on 3500 that prevents me from climbing and I had to fly on 2500 all the way to F70. After landing and taxi back I took south, heading to Fallbrook airport. L18 is a small airport with very interesting runway, starting right at the edge of a small cliff and only 2160 ft long. The taxiways are below runway level and the entire airport is build on a hill. I took off L18 and headed south west to Oceanside (KOKB) airport. I was planning this trip for a long time and today I find the chance to fly it. Flying VFR after so many IFR sessions is a blessing and it was so much fun.
After taking off from Oceanside I choose to fly by the coast to Dana Point and head heading back home to El Monte.

Flight Take off time: 10:30 AM
Flight duration: 2.7
Landings: 4

Flight GPS Track


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