Posted by: Patrick | December 15, 2013

IFR Training – Session 8 – 12/16/2013 – Approaches and Holds

Today I flew N54678 which seems to be easier to trim and control power settings. We flew to KRAL on GPS RNAV RWY9 and then VOR-B and hold on PDZ. Then we go to KONT and used RNAV RWY26L and missed and hold on intersection. I messed the hold and get confused on planning ahead. I need a lot more work to do on holds and how to enter and plan ahead of time. At the end we flew to KPOC ILS RWY 26L. We headed back to KEMT while it was total dark.

Flight GPS Track

Flight duration: 2.8 hrs
Take off time: 15:15
Landings: 1
Approaches: 4
Holds: 3


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