Posted by: Patrick | May 20, 2014

5/20/2014 – GPS an VOR approaches

I flew N54678 today. It was gusty and windy for most of the flight.
First we took off KEMT standard departure procedure runway 19, and then immediately vectored for KHHR. Landing there was challenge with all the gusts (up to 24knt). On the ground we request tower en-route for KPOC which I was give a clearance that never seen before, it was SCTN6 clearance. This translates translate to KHHR LIMBO V64 SLI V8 POXKU V363 POM KPOC. It was interesting to see even in the same basin area, each tower is operating a bit different. On the way to KPOC we had the chance to enter some coulds and flew through them. Upon getting to KPOC we execute a missed and turned for KEMT VOR-A approach.

Flight Duration: 1.7 hrs
Simulated Instrument: 1.2 hrs
Actual IMC: 0.1
Approaches: 3
Landings: 2
Takeoff time: 17:40


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