Posted by: Patrick | June 27, 2015

Flying with Girls over LA Basin – June 2015

Today I flew with friend’s kids who are young girls between 10 and 13 years old over LA and did few landings and full stops to give the chance to all of them for piloting the plane. They were so excited to be in the plane and have the controls to fly. It’s amazing to see how young kids are getting amazed about the flight and how excited they are to experience new horizons. I found this experience very much rewarding and I’ll do it more often to fly with young kids and share the experience of the flight with them. I’m hoping this will be a memory to stay with them too. I’m sure at some point you flew friends for the first time too, it’s very rewarding to see the excitement and happiness they enjoy, if you haven;t done it yet, schedule a flight and take them out, they will enjoy and you will be satisfied as-well.

Take off time: 18:30
Flight duration: 1.8
Landings: 3


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