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Hello and welcome to my blog.

I am using this blog to share my experiences and talk about my flying adventures.



Some of my pictures

With my Boys

My new Co-Pilot


Happy pilots

Happy pilots

On the way Back

On the way Back

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Note: All the flight information, GPS tracks, landing counts and flight hours that are mentioned in the website are only for my tracking purpose and are not presenting the accurate log book data. These can’t be used for any legal or other purposes by anybody and I have the full rights to remove or change them at any time.


  1. Nice blog! I just got my PPL in January and I am flying our club’s 172 home for Easter. Your memory aids will definitely be used. I also fly RC and I got the opportunity to visit the Valley Flyer’s Sepulveda Field by Van Nuys several weeks ago…it’s a beautiful field. I was with the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology Aero Design Team for the SAE competition at the field. Thanks for posting your experiences.

  2. I received your comment on my blog. I like your GPS tracks. That is something I hadn’t thought of. I have been performing a number of updates to the blog including transferring to my own domain. Feel free to check out and link to the most up to date URL: http://leavingterrafirma.com

  3. Nice blog Patrick. I actually happened on to it a few weeks ago. Lots of good information on your site and links. Let me know when you have the PPL in hand so I can send some congrats your way as well. Jeanne (FlyingGma)

  4. Hi Patrick. I enjoyed reading your blog. I just earned my PPL a few weeks back in a 1999 172R I bought in March. I am now starting instrument training next week, while studying for the written and working on getting 50 hours cross country PIC time to fulfill the basic IFR rating requirements. Keep up the good work. It will pay off and is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I wish I would have discovered flying. I didn’t start until 49, and now I’m 50 — gotta fly a lot to make up for lost time.

    Cheers and have fun earning your ticket.

    • Thank you Mike,
      Congratulation on your PPL, I’m preparing for my check ride, any word of wisdom ?

      How’s the ownership of aircraft? I’m also thinking and looking fir a small plane, but not sure what to go with ! 2 seated ? 4 seated ? low wing , high wing ! what are the hidden costs of owning an aircraft ?


  5. Thanks for having your Blog up, I’m doing my ground school studies in prep for beginning my ppl training. Great to see an example of progress, I’ll probably see you at some point at one of the faa seminars. The family pics show how much fun flying can be !
    Blue Skies !
    Terry Broadbent

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