Posted by: Patrick | December 16, 2015

Looking back at 2015 flights

2015 is almost over and I’m looking back at my log book to see what kind of flying I did do over the last year. It tunes out that I didn’t fly lots of  hours during this year but I had the chance to fly with 11 of my friends and family whom were the first time flying in a small plane. I flew with my mom, with my childhood friend with whom we used to play and pretending that we ere flying, I flew with friends’ kids who were very excited. I got very much positive response almost from all of them and this is giving me a lot of satisfaction and happiness. I enjoy sharing the experience of flight for the first time with them. Some were confused and suspicious about what is expecting them while being in the air and some were excited to be in the plane and have the controls.

I’m glad I was able to share the joy of the flight with them, I’m looking forward to fly with more friends in 2016.

Posted by: Patrick | November 22, 2015

Flying with Roubik and Sisi – Nov 2015

Today we flew to Camarillo (KCMA) airport. We had a steady wind of 070/20 which wade my landing a really short  field landing and had to taxi all the way to restaurant. Upon the return we choose to fly over the coast line and doing some sightseeing which pays off by spotting few whales too.

Take off: 9:45
Flight duration: 1.0
Landings: 2

Posted by: Patrick | September 26, 2015

Camping trip – San Diego

This was a long due trip to go to camping with friends.
We flew to Brown Field KSDM and stayed overnight at KOA campground.

With this flight I added another new airport in my list

KEMT take off: 16:00
Flight duration: 1.7
Landings: 1
Approach: 1

KSDM take off: 12:00
Flight duration: 1.5
Landings: 1
Approach: 1

Posted by: Patrick | August 29, 2015

Flying C182 – Aug 29, 2015

Today I start the checkout work for club C182 N7571T.
The C182 is a solid airplane, very stable and nice platform for XC flying. Today we practice basics, slow flight, stalls, landing up/down procedures. I still need a lot more to get used to the plane. It’s very different than C172 and C152.

Posted by: Patrick | August 11, 2015

Flying with my old friend – Aug 11, 2015

We were friends since 5 years old, and I was always dreaming of flying. My friend also remembers that, so getting together and flying for first time was special·

Flight departure: 10 am
Landings: 2
Duration: 1hr

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