Posted by: Patrick | July 29, 2017

Flying coast line

Today we flew the coast line, smooth air and fun flight.

Posted by: Patrick | May 28, 2017

Starting summer flights

Memorial day weekend is start of summer flying season and I flew with couple of friends to Riverside airport (KRAL) for coffee.

Posted by: Patrick | December 23, 2016

A Tragic Farewell – Final Flight Of The F-4 Phantom

One of my beloved airplanes is retired from air force.
The article is here

Posted by: Patrick | August 25, 2016

Flying to Bermuda Dunes KUDD

I flew to KUDD and stayed for couple of nights. The flight to KUDD was early morning and going through Banning pass at 5500 was nice. Coming back from KUDD was at noon time and hot summer air at noon is not a very good combination with a slow C152. It was interesting to go through the pass with bumps and turbulence since it was a while I was not in that flight condition:)

I just added another airport to the list of landed airports, still way to go and visit many more.

Takeoff time: 7:15
Landings: 1
Flight time: 1hr 7 min

Takeoff time: 13:45
Landings: 1
Flight time: 1hr 15 min

Posted by: Patrick | April 3, 2016

Sunset Flight over Los Angeles

How amazing is the experience of flying toward a sunset. I hope I’ll be able to share this experience with many more friends. Today I flew with Arlette and enjoyed her accompany, it’s great to see first time flyers are astonished and mesmerized by the magic of flight.

Takeoff time: 18:45
Landings: 1
Flight time: 1hr 15 min

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