Posted by: Patrick | April 14, 2019

Another great flying day in SoCal Green land

Yes, it’s very unusual to see this much green land when flying in SoCal!

Today we took off from KEMT for F70, it was great flying day, good visibility and smooth air, flying to F70 we saw every hill covered in green, and I guess we missed super bloom with few weeks.

It’s always great to have friends as first time GA pilots seating and having them to fly the plane, sharing this great flying experience with others is what I like the most!

Aren’t we lucky to enjoy blue skies ?

Posted by: Patrick | February 24, 2019

Flying with cousin

Beautiful day to fly in LA basin today, I flew with my cousin today, first time small plan copilot! We had nice day and will do this again.

Posted by: Patrick | September 10, 2017

Catalina – Sep 2017

Today I had the chance to fly with group of friend to Catalina for end of summer annual party. It’s an amazing 30 min flight from El Monte to Catalina where you get transfered to an another world. Upon arrival we did some hiking and afterwards we joined for the end of summer annual party event.

Posted by: Patrick | July 29, 2017

Flying coast line

Today we flew the coast line, smooth air and fun flight.

Posted by: Patrick | May 28, 2017

Starting summer flights

Memorial day weekend is start of summer flying season and I flew with couple of friends to Riverside airport (KRAL) for coffee.

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